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TENS Machine Hire

  • $7000

The NeuroTrac™ Obstetric TENS Machine is used to help mothers manage the intensity of contractions, particularly in the earlier stages of labour. It provides a mobile, drug-free pain management tool with personal control of pain relief.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It has been successfully used for many years by pregnant women and professional midwives worldwide to help manage labour pain. The NeuroTrac™ machine is a small, light weight, advanced digital, dual channel, obstetric TENS unit featuring a dedicated labour pain programme (no setup required). The unit can be switched between two modes with the use of a separate hand held ‘boost’ button. One mode is designed for the period between contractions and the other during contractions.

Advantages of using the TENS Machine:

  • No effect on the baby, non-invasive with no side-effects
  • Allows a woman to stay mobile; move around as needed
  • Easy to operate, fully controlled by the woman and can be turned off at any time
  • Helps focus the woman’s attention
  • Great to use for early labour; safe to use at home or hospital


The Obstetric TENS Machine Hire Package:

The typical hire period is 4 weeks, beginning around Week 38 of your pregnancy.

The upfrontl cost is $120: $70 for the TENS package plus a $50 refundable deposit.

This $50 deposit is returned via EFT when the TENS is returned.

If you require additional weeks these are charged at $10 per week and are deducted from your $50 deposit.


The Hire Package includes:

  • The NeuroTrac™ Obstetric TENS Machine – sanitised and ready to use
  • 1 set of 4 electrode pads
  • 2 x battery (9V) (1 as spare)
  • Easy to follow basic instructions, including precautions and contraindications.
  • A self-addressed, prepaid Australia Post satchel for return of the unit.


To book: 

You must include your DUE DATE and the 4 week period of hire (i.e 38 weeks to 42 weeks) in the Note box at the checkout page.