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Postnatal Wash Bottle - Angled & Inverted

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This cleverly designed, angled and soft flow inverted postnatal wash bottle is perfect for after giving birth.
Can be used over the labial, vaginal, perineal, anal areas; wherever is feeling sore, swollen and tender! 
The healing of any grazes, tears or stitches is supported by keeping the areas clean.
It provides a continuous and gentle flow through the 12 hole nozzle. 
Designed to be used on the toilet or in shower, the angled nozzle can conveniently reach those tender areas.
Use before/during urination to take the sting out and/or to deliver a healing peri wash.
Perfect to be used with the soothing and healing herbs made from the Peri-Heaven Postnatal Herb Bags or the Postnatal Healing Herbs, or just as a salt water wash.
Holds 500ml
For use with warm or cool water, not hot water. 
For external use only.
Hand wash with warm soapy water. 
Easy to use:
1. Unscrew lid, fill bottle with warm or cool (not hot) herbal wash or water.
2. Screw cap on securely and invert the bottle with one finger on the valve at the 
    base of the bottle.
3. Position the bottle with the tip facing the desired direction and remove finger
    from the valve. Squeeze bottle, repeat as desired.

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