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Natures Sunshine 5-W Pregnancy Capsules

Natures Sunshine 5-W Pregnancy Capsules

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5-W is a herbal combination designed to support women during the final stages of pregnancy.

It's been used for over 20 years worldwide with many midwives proclaiming great success from its potential benefits.

5-W is very difficult to source within Australia! 

What is it?

5-W are herbal capsules. Its name comes from its recommendation to be used in the last 5 weeks of pregnancy to help facilitate a healthy birth and recovery. 
This specific blend of herbs are aimed at preparing the body for labour and birth in various ways. 
There are herbs which promote the overall toning of uterine tissues in preparation for birth, whilst calming of false contractions. 
It does not start labour or promote contractions. It strengthens the pelvic and uterine muscles so that once labour does start, it will be more efficient.

100 capsules.

What's in it?

5-W contains proprietary blend of:

Black Cohosh root (Cimicifuga racemosa), Squaw Vine (Mitchella repens), Donq Quai root (Angelica sinensis), Butcher's Broom root (Ruscus aculeatus), Raspberry leaf (Rubus idaeus)

How to use             

5-W is ideally designed for use beginning week 35 of pregnancy.

It comes with specific dosage instructions that start at 35 weeks.

When started at 35 weeks, one bottle of 100 capsules will last up to day one of 40 weeks.

You may purchase another 5-W if there are no signs of readiness for labour, then continue to take it at the 40 week recommended dose.

A second bottle will take you to a little over 42 weeks.

If you are already a little beyond 35 weeks and would still like to use 5W, you can. You'll just need to start at the dose relative to your week of pregnancy. Dosage information is included.

*Please allow enough time for order processing and postage so you can begin the regime at 35 weeks.*

The label design has recently changed so you may receive either design with your order.

Do not take:
  • If you're breastfeeding 
  • If you're in the first two trimesters of pregnancy
  • If you're prone to heavy bleeding 
  • If you're prone to vasodilative types of headache (due to the Black Cohosh) 
  • If you suffer from high blood pressure (seek advice) 
  • If you're on any medications for any problem at all, please check with your healthcare provider if these herbs are compatible

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Ask a Question
  • Can you take these alongside the birth prep tonics?

    I usually suggest just one form of birth prep; be it these 5-W capsules or the Birth Prep Tonics. As essentially they are doing very similar things, just in a different preparation. You can however add in the Raspberry Leaf (tea or liquid extract) alongside the 5-W capsules if you wish.

  • Hello, I know it states in the description above as 35 weeks however I’m curious to know if there’s any side affects on taking it at 34 weeks due to having my first baby at 38+3weeks naturally?

    I wouldn't suggest taking it prior to 35 weeks. You can still take it even though you're planning to have baby earlier.

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