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Motherkind - Pregnancy Tea

  • $750

Motherkind Pregnancy Tea - 20 tea bags

This organic herbal blend nurtures mothers-to-be with it's rich and nourishing mixture of organic Shatavari, Nettle, Raspberry leaves and Peppermint.

"Stars are made from organic herbs like these. At their centre the majestic Shatavari root - used for a thousand years to help you naturally create your future stars. And each one brought into the world ethically grown and purely organic. The perfect kind of earth mother."


Naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients: Raspberry leaf (24%), Chamomile flower, Nettle leaf (16%), Shatavari root (12%), Peppermint leaf (12%), Sweet Fennel seed, Orange peel.