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Mama's Medi Mushrooms - Postpartum Meal Booster

Mama's Medi Mushrooms - Postpartum Meal Booster

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One of the traditional principles of postpartum care is nourishing the mother through nutrient dense warming foods.

This includes an array of slow-cooked meals with easily digestible foods, e.g soups, broths, stews, curries, herbal teas, porridges.

These suit the often altered digestive state of postpartum and help rebuild the mother with bioavailable and nutrient-dense meals.

Mama's Medi Mushrooms is a blend of dried, certified organic shiitake mushrooms, dried maitake mushrooms, and certified purple dulce flakes.

This blend of nutritious, medicinal dried mushrooms is the perfect addition to postpartum soups, broths or meals to support recovery, the immune system and gut health.

Shiitake mushrooms: Naturally rich in compounds called beta-glucans, which support healthy immune system function. Renowned for both their culinary and medicinal properties, these mushrooms are a symbol of longevity, often called the 'Elixir of Life' by Japanese elders. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fibre. They help improve blood circulation and support the immune system. They have a rich firm texture with a smoky flavour.

Maitake mushrooms: Have adaptogenic and immune-boosting properties. Rich in antioxidants, minerals and unique polysaccharides including beta-glucans (immune system activators) also.

Purple Dulse Flakes: An edible seaweed, sustainably hand-harvested from the rugged coastlines of Ireland. Dried and flaked, dulce has rich levels of iodine, calcium, potassium, manganese and iron compared with other sea plants. Also contains good levels of Vitamin A, C, B12 and high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Naturopath formulated blend.

What is it?

Mama's Medi Mushrooms is a Naturopath formulated blend of nutrient-dense and medicinal dried mushroom slices, plus dulce flakes. 

Designed to be used as an addition to any postpartum soups, broths or meals.

Proudly packaged within a biodegradable bag.


What's in it?

Contains: Shiitake mushroom* (Lentinula edodes), Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa), Purple Dulse* (Palmeria palmata)

* Australian Certified Organic ingredient


Packed within a biodegradable bag. 


How to use

 Suggested use: Add 1-2 tbsp per mug-sized soup/broth serve.

The mushrooms will slowly rehydrate and soften, releasing their goodness whilst also taking on the flavours of your soup/broth/meal.

For full meals or batch cook ups simply add your desired amount.

To use in quicker meals (e.g stirfrys, pasta or risottos) soak in warm water separately for 30 min to soften before cooking with. Use a strainer to also catch the dulce flakes whilst straining mushrooms off. Retain and use the strained liquid in cooking.

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