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Cord Ties - Handmade, crocheted, cotton

  • $1500

These beautiful, silky soft umbilical cord ties have been custom made by Peachtree Crochet for the BodyWise BirthWise Store.

Made from embroidery silks that are 100% cotton thread.

Each tie has been crocheted using a very small hook. This helps keep the designs small but also the stitches tight, to ensure it's strong enough to withstand being tied in a knot.

Each tie comes with full instructions on how to sterilise (if you wish) and also how to use instead of those hard, plastic, hospital cord clamps.

Perfect for any birth situation; hospital, home, birth centre.  

Best suited to delayed cord clamping if used as the only tie/clamp initially. Otherwise, can be used to replace the plastic cord clamp at any other time, hours or days later.

Approximate length of cord, excluding motifs is 21-22cm.

Pair with Cord Care - Antiseptic Herbal Powder

If your order contains a cord tie only select the $2.00 postage option at the checkout.

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