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Cord Care - Antiseptic Herbal Powder Spray

Cord Care - Antiseptic Herbal Powder Spray

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This Naturopath formulated herbal powder spray contains antiseptic and healing herbs to help dry, disinfect and protect baby's cord as it heals.

Cord Care contains a unique blend of finely powdered herbs that have anti-microbial, astringent, anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. It also keeps the baby's cord stump free of moisture, thereby keeping infection at bay. 

Anecdotal evidence shows that cord stumps that had herbs used on them fell off around Day 3 as opposed to the standard 1-2 weeks! 

Use directly at each nappy change, spraying the fine powder mist onto the cord stump and base. Continue using until cord falls off and/or afterwards until it is healed.

Contains: Myrrh, Neem, Chamomile, Lavender


Chemical and alcohol-free. For external use only.

Any leftover Cord Care Powder can be kept for use on any skin cuts/abrasions.

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