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Bottom Balm Haemorrhoid Balm Tin 15gm Safe in pregnancy

Bottom Balm

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Never welcome at the best of times, haemorrhoids are pesky pregnancy party crashers.

They commonly appear due to the added pressure of baby on the veins in the pelvis. Plus the hormone progesterone causes the walls of the veins to relax, which allows them to swell a lot easier.

A complete PITA, they can cause discomfort, swelling, itching and burning. Not to mention kill your pregnancy glow mojo.

For some women they appear for the first time (or worsen) after they've pushed a baby out. Particularly if its a prolonged second stage.

What is it?

The Bottom Balm is rich with astringent, cooling and anti-inflammatory herbs. 

It's Naturopath formulated, safe to use in pregnancy after the first trimester and during postpartum.

15gm tin

What's in it?

Contains: Calendula petals* (Calendula officinalis), Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), Plantain* (Plantago lanceolata), Comfrey leaf (Symphytum officinalis). Peppermint leaf* (Mentha piperita) and St. Johns Wort* (Hypericum perforatum) infused in Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Fruit Oil (Olea europaea), Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil* (Cocos Nucifera), Beeswax* (Cera Alba), Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) Essential Oil, Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) Essential Oil, German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) Essential Oil

* 100% Australian Certified Organic ingredient

How to use

With clean, dry hands apply to the affected area several times daily. Particularly after a bowel motion. 

For external, topical use only. Not for use on internal haemorrhoids. 

Pair with

May be used alongside the Peri-Heaven Postnatal Herbal Spray, Peri-Heaven Postnatal Herb Bags or Postnatal Healing Herbs.

Healthy digestion and optimal hydration can also take the pressure off haemorrhoids. Regular Mama - Digestive Herbal Tea can be supportive here.

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