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Birth Prep Tonic #2

Birth Prep Tonic #2

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This Naturopath formulated blend is to support the body in readiness for labour and birth. Suitable from 38 weeks only.

I have been using these herbal tinctures for their parturient/partus preparator properties within my naturopathic practise over the past 18 years.

Contains: Motherwort, Blue Cohosh, Raspberry Leaf, Squaw Vine, Cramp Bark, Schisandra 

Specific dosage regime is included. Used as directed it will lasts up to 40 weeks. A repeat bottle can be used from 40 weeks until labour begins if required.

This ideally follows Birth Prep Tonic #1, from 34 weeks.

This product is also available within the Naturopath's Birth Prep Herbal Tincture Pack. 

* Please note, the Birth Prep Tonic #2 is not recommended in the following circumstances:

    • You have a history/family history of preterm labour
    • You have high blood pressure
    • Your pregnancy has been deemed as high risk 
    • You have a medical condition requiring medication
    • You are taking other birth preparation herbs (please check with your health practitioner or get in touch to ask about the compatibility)

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