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Frequently Asked Questions

How have the products been formulated?

The BodyWise BirthWise herbal tea blends, herbal capsule blends, balms, sprays, salves and bath products have been formulated by Naturopath, Childbirth Educator and Doula of 18 years, Kristin Beckedahl.  

Kristin's clients have been using these products for many years. When her clients starting sharing them with their friends they proved so popular she decided to expand their availability online. You can read more about Kristin and BodyWise BirthWise here.


Is there is a physical BodyWise BirthWise Store I can visit?

No, this is an online store only.


Can I become a Brand Enthusiast for your store?

Yes, Brand Enthusiasts and Brand Rep positions are available to customers that are familiar and genuinely enthusiastic about the products. More information here. 


How do I know what size of herbal teas to order? 

The general recommendation is to use a 'very good pinch' of herbs (about 1 - 2 teaspoons) per cup. This typically equates to 2 - 3 grams.

So given this, on average 50gm would make about 20 cups, 100gm would make about 40 cups, 200gms would make about 80 cups. 

To receive the full benefits of these medicinal herbs, it is suggested you drink the recommended amount suggested on each product label. For some blends it is 3 cups a day, others it is 4 - 5 cups a day (e.g Mama's Milk Breastfeeding Herbal tea).

Therefore, if the tea is used at the recommended dosage 50gms would last approximately about 2 weeks, 100gm would last approximately 1 month, 200gms would last approximately 2 months.


How can I get the most benefit out of the herbal teas?

The time you steep your tea matters. The longer it is steeped, the more therapeutic benefits of the herbs are extracted.

Most teas can be enjoyed warm or cooled, with a little added honey or lemon for taste if preferred. To add warmth to your cup of tea, add a splash of boiling water - do not microwave!

You can make up a large batch of tea once or twice a day, and sip on this regularly throughout the day. Chilled tea may be stored in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Discard any remaining tea after this time.


When could I expect to see the benefits of the Mama's Milk Breastfeeding Herbal tea / capsules?

Please note the results do vary, depending on the breastfeeding dynamic and individual circumstances. Most women report noticing a change within 2 - 3 days. If drinking the tea, do aim for the 4 - 5 good, strong cups per day for optimal effects. If using the capsules and notice no change, you may increase your dose from 2 capsules, twice a day up to 2 capsules, three times a day.


What are the capsules used in the Mama's Milk and Mama's Postnatal Booster capsules

The capsules used are the gelatine-free, vegetarian variety and they are tasteless. The size used is ’00’. You can see the approximate size in the product listings.


What is the shelf-life on the loose herbal tea packs?

When stored correctly (in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight) the herbal tea packs will last approximately 1- 2 years. Keep the pack resealed when not in use. Your herbal tea should smell vibrant and potent when you put your nose just inside the packet! Each packet comes with a batch number and best before date.


Where are the products made?

The BodyWise BirthWise herbal teas, herbal capsules, balm, salves and external products are created, blended and measured by hand in Fremantle, Western Australia.


Where are the products shipped from?

All products are shipped from Fremantle, Western Australia. For regular post Australia Post or Sendle is used, depending on order size and/or location. Australia Post Express Post is also an option.


What is the processing time on orders?

All orders are typically processed and posted within 1-2 business days. If there is likely to be a delay in your order, you will be notified. You will also receive an email to let you know your order has been posted. Please ensure any emails are marked as 'safe' to avoid any notification going to your junk folder. 


When can I expect my order to arrive? 

Delivery using regular post is between 2 - 7 working days from day of posting. If you are local, Perth metro parcels are usually delivered within 2 days whilst outer WA parcels are usually delivered within 3 - 4 days. For the eastern states, please allow up to 5 - 7 working days! All parcels are trackable via the Sendle and Australia Post tracking system.

Express Post is available. For local Perth orders, delivery is typically overnight. Eastern states is typically 2 days.


Do you ship to outside Australia? 

Yes. You will see postage estimates in the checkout for New Zealand, USA and Canada as these are the most popular international destinations. If you are outside of these areas, please do not order through the store but contact directly for international orders. A postage quote will then be provided. 


Can I sign for my order when its delivered?

Yes. You will have the option of this under Shipping when you are checking out. 


What payments methods are accepted?

You may pay via PayPal, credit card or After Pay. All transactions are secure and encrypted and credit card information is never stored.


How can I stock your products?

If you think the BodyWise BirthWise herbal range would work well within your space or business, please get in touch. More info here.


Where are the herbs sourced from for use in the products?

In the interest of wonderful health, all herbs used in tea blends and capsules are 100% Australian Certified Organic. The herbs are imported and supplied through a highly-regarded Australian herb company and none are irradiated. 

For the non-ingestible products (e.g. herbal bath/external-use products) many of these herbs are from trade or wildcrafted sources, unless specified otherwise. Trade means conventional farming techniques have been used. Wildcrafted means the herb has been collected from the wild where it grows naturally in a chemical free area.

Read more about the Ingredients Standards of the BodyWise BirthWise products here.


What is the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA) and where does my donation go?

BKFA is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to improving conditions for women who give birth at home in developing countries.

Most of the women the BKFA assists are for reasons of isolation, cultural choice, poor transport means or have little or no assistance during childbirth. By providing a clean birthing kit these mothers will have the resources to reduce infection. 

The birthing kit addresses the 7 cleans needed for a safe childbirth. The kits are basic with 6 items; a plastic sheet, soap, 2 gloves, sterile scalpel blade, 3 cords and 5 gauze squares. These kits are assembled by volunteers in Australia at a cost of $5.00 each.

Every donation of just $5.00 has the potential to save the life of a mother and baby. The gift of safer births empowers women to take control of their futures and live safer, happier, more fulfilled lives

You can read more the work of BKFA here.


Can I place an order but have it sent to someone else as a gift?

Yes.  On the Cart page, you'll see a space where you can leave specific instructions about your order. You can mention this here.


What is meant by the term Australian Certified Organic?

Certified organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides or GMOs. It is an innovative and dedicated method of farming and production that enhances people’s lives and the environment. Certified organic products must comply to strict national production standards that allows trace back of all products to their origin and continue to undergo annual audits by an independent third party auditor.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce, responsible for certifying more than 50% of the Australian organic industry. ACO provides certification services to operators from all sectors of the organic industry. To attain Australian Certified Organic status, a minimum of 95% of all ingredients must be organic sourced from a certified organic supplier with the remaining 5% all natural and allowed as defined by the Organic Standard. 

Read more about the Ingredients Standards of the BodyWise BirthWise products here.