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Become a Brand Enthusiast

I’m looking for customers that are:

  • Familiar with, and genuinely enthusiastic about my products 
  • At any stage of pregnancy, close to or soon after giving birth, breastfeeding or postpartum
  • Committed to purchasing minimum of 1 product per month
  • Active on Instagram (profile must be set to public)
  • Great at taking photos in natural lighting, that are creative yet relatable
  • Committed to posting 1 photo/video per week
  • Genuinely supportive of my products as evident in the photos/videos, post description and comments on Instagram
  • Able to commit to a total 12 photos, over 12 weeks

In exchange, you receive:

  • Your first product free*
  • 30% off retail price for your subsequent orders*        

      *Conditions apply

If you're interested in learning more, please send an email to with your Instagram handle, plus a little bit about yourself/your family and why you'd be a great Brand Enthusiast.