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I'm Kristin Beckedahl. 

I'm the solo woman behind BodyWise BirthWise.

I am a Naturopath, Childbirth Educator and Doula based in Perth, Western Australia. 

For the last 20 years I have holistically supported couples as 
they transition through the preconception, pregnancy, birthing and postnatal chapters of their lives. 

When I'm not doing this, I'm busy wholeheartedly mothering my own two little people on their life journeys.

You can be confident the BodyWise BirthWise range of organic herbal tea blends, herbal tinctures, compound herbal capsules and external use herbal products have been formulated by an experienced Naturopath who specialises in pregnancy, birthing and postnatal support.

The journey is just as exciting as the destination! You can read more about my work here.

Herbal medicine has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up through the 70's & 80's as the New Age subculture was spreading its wings has, in hindsight, left a lasting impression!

As a young child I loved to sip on freshly brewed Chamomile and Catnip tea with my mother before bed; delightfully squeezed the inner gel from the Aloe Vera plant for sunburn - on more than one occasion; and can remember wrapping the thick, broad leaves of the Comfrey plant around my ankle as a poultice after a rollerskating sprain!

On our family bookshelves were the now classics; Hygieia: A Woman’s Herbal (1979) by Jeannine Parvati and Derek Llewellyn-Jones’ Everywoman (1978). These sat alongside my mother’s midwifery texts including an earlier edition of the popular Mayes’ Midwifery - 10th edition, 1984. And so began my life-long love affair with herbal medicine.

It took me through my Bachelor of Naturopathy at university in 1995 to where I am today, blessed to be working within a field I feel so passionately about. Whilst at home, I relish in sharing the wonders of these potent remedies with my own children.

Even today I am still captivated by the history, folklore and the incredibly diverse applications of herbal medicines. This was our first medicine, practised without one laboratory study or clinical trial in sight and is still practised today in every country of the world without exception. The World Health Organisation has estimated that around 80% of the world’s population still use the services of herbalists for the treatment of ill-health.

Herbs also have a long history of use during pregnancy, around labour, birth, the early days of postpartum, as well as breastfeeding. They have been the traditional medicines of midwives for as long as we have recorded history. Throughout history the midwife was often also the community healer, well versed in the ‘wise woman’ herbal lore of her region, and used herbal medicines to support her work. It is only in the last 25 years or so, that we have come to discover and understand the science behind these herbs efficacy, and we can now offer explanations for their application within pharmacognosy and clinical phytotherapy.

In 2013, I took my herbal range online after a doula client's friend, on the other side of the country, "wanted some of what she was having." Now 6 years on, the BodyWise BirthWise range proudly continues to grow.

Why organic? From experience I know that women planning a pregnancy, currently pregnant or breastfeeding are mindful of the source and quality of food, supplements and products they use - and rightfully so.

I try to source Australian Certified Organic (ACO) herbs and ingredients wherever possible. This is indicated with an asterisk* in the list of ingredients on each product page. Currently, approximately 80-90% of the ingredients used are ACO.

The others are wildcrafted, imported and supplied through a highly-regarded Australian herb company. All wildcrafted herbs are harvested from a chemical free area, and none of the herbs stocked have been irradiated. A handful of herbs are also organically homegrown in the glorious West Australian coastal climate.

All herbal products are handmade, hand measured and hand packed by myself, here in Fremantle, Western Australia. The balms and salves are handmade in small batches only. I find working hands-on with herbs very grounding and very therapeutic! 

I am proud to use Earthbags for the herbal teas and bath products. These are specifically designed to give an environmentally friendly packaging solution. They are made of recycled paper and have a corn based, 100% natural bio film that is a renewable resource. After removal of the tin-tie, they are also full compostable. 

There is now also the option of selecting the reusable tea canisters. 

If you have any FAQ you may like to click here. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please contact me here.