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Baby Dust Baby Powder. Natural with organic herbs. Arrowroot, Kaolin Clay, Chamomile, Lavender, Marshmallow. Nappy rash, heat rash babies 85gm

Baby Dust - Organic Herbal Baby Powder

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Nothing beats a rash-free baby booty.

Or a baby's velvety soft skin, roly-poly skin folds and that baby smell.

Well, except for 'neck cheese'.

We know a baby's skin can very temperamental and sensitive to developing rashes. 

This can be from the warmth and moisture within the nappy - hello yeasty nappy rash.

Or even simply from the warm, humid climate or season you're living in.

Some babies are also prone to getting the infamous "baby cheese."

This is a rash and gunky substance that often affects the skin folds of the neck and chin. 

Moisture, breastmilk and drool can all collect in these deep folds (yes, gross) and set up the perfect picnic for skin irritation and/or skin infection. 

Keeping such skin folds clean, dry and open to the air can be tricky with a baby with limited neck control!

The 'cheese' describes a curdy white paste that can be found in the folds. It can be sour to the nose and definitely kills those sweet baby smell vibes!

A similar situation can harbour within the nappy, upper thighs and groin crevices.

Baby Dust is made for these moisture-driven skin rashes!

Baby Dust is:

     ✔️  Formulated by a Naturopath and Doula
     ✔️  Contains 100% certified organic, non-irradiated herbs 
     ✔️  Safe for baby 

     ✔️  Free from talc, cornstarch and gluten
     ✔️  Free from essential oils
     ✔️  Free from artificial fragrances or additives 
     ✔️  Free from fillers and preservatives
     ✔️  Handcrafted in small batch production 
     ✔️  Recyclable (packaging)

What is it?

Baby Dust is a silky smooth baby powder with organic herbs.

It has amazing natural absorbent and insoluble properties. 

It's formulated by a Naturopath and mother of a once cheesy baby! It's perfect for the fresh, sensitive skin of babes.

The organic herbs, Chamomile, Marshmallow and Lavender add their therapeutic magic.

By sprinkling soothing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties with each shake. Plus they naturally scent the powder.

More importantly, Baby Dust contains NO talc, cornstarch, essential oils, gluten, chemicals or preservatives.

Use it daily to absorb excess moisture and help prevent nappy rash, chafing or the dreaded baby cheese. 


What's in it and why?

Ingredients: Organic Maranta arundinacea (Arrowroot), Kaolin White Australian Clay, Organic Matricara recutita (Chamomile) Flower, Organic Lavendula angustifolia (Lavender) Flower, Organic Althea officinalis (Marshmallow) Root


Arrowroot powder: This bright, white starch is made from the tropical plant's rootstock. It's silky and soft to the skin, and water-resistant. It makes a wonderful alternative to talc or cornstarch. 

Kaolin White Australian Clay: This is a fine, smooth and light clay. Unlike stronger clays, Kaolin is not particularly drawing so it won't cause skin dryness. This makes it perfect for the fresh, sensitive skin of babies. As it's naturally absorbent, it helps prevent chafing and rashes.

Chamomile flower: A herb with amazing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This addition helps soothe any irritation and promotes healing of the skin. Also adds a naturally sweet scent.

Lavender flower: Included for the active, volatile oil. This helps soothe irritated skin whilst stemming any active skin infections that may be contributing to it. Also provides relaxing and calming properties through the scent.

Marshmallow root: A soothing and demulcent herb, this also aids any inflammation or skin ulceration.

How to use

Use it daily to absorb excess moisture and help prevent nappy rash, chafing or the dreaded baby cheese. 

Suitable for use at every nappy change, with cloth or disposable nappies.  

Use on clean, dry skin.

Lightly dust over baby’s nappy area at each change, directly or by hand.

May also be used in roly-poly skin folds and neck creases, as a preventative or remedy.

Safe and gentle to use daily from newborns to toddlers - and even adults.

Pair with

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