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Baby's Oaty Soak - Organic Bath Powder

Baby's Oaty Soak - Organic Bath Powder

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For something so delicate and new, a baby's skin goes through a lot.

From the baby acne, the milk rash, the nappy rash, the teething rash, the heat rash, the sunscreen reaction rash, the washing powder rash.  

Then there's the random dry patches, the flaky skin and little bumps.

Ditching the soap-based products at bath time can help, but what if the water they're bathing in could actually be cleansing and therapeutic? 

Enter Baby's Oaty Soak. It's a soothing and nourishing bath powder. Enriched with colloidal oatmeal and skin calming herbs it's suitable for everyday use.

It helps soothe skin that's irritated, red or itchy - all whilst hydrating dry skin.

At the same time, it cleanses, nourishes and protects baby's delicate skin - even after the bath is over!

Baby's Oaty Soak is: 

     ✔️  Formulated by a Naturopath and Doula 
Made with 100% organic ingredients
     ✔️  Cruelty-free
     ✔️  Non-GMO, certified organic and non-irradiated herbs
     ✔️  Free from soap and sulphates (SLS & SLES)
     ✔️  Free from artificial colours and fragrances
     ✔️  Free from fillers and preservatives

     ✔️  Handcrafted in small batch production 
     ✔️  Recyclable/reusable (packaging), biodegradable (liner)

What is it?

Baby's Oaty Soak is a bath powder blend of organic colloidal oatmeal with organic healing herbs.

The colloidal oatmeal holds impressive cleansing, barrier, moisturising, soothing and anti-itch properties.

It differs from regular oatmeal as it's processed in a way so it disperses throughout the bathwater, instead of settling on the bottom.

The oatmeal contains proteins that 'stick to the skin' offering a protective and moisturising barrier long after the bath.

It also contains natural sugars. These have an amazing ability to bind water and deliver it deep into the skin for further, long-term hydration.

The organic herbs, Chamomile and Marshmallow also bring their magic.

Renowned for their soothing, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties they compliment the job of the colloidal oatmeal.

What's in it and why?

Ingredients: Organic Avena sativa (Colloidal Oatmeal) Kernel Meal, Organic Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) Flower, Organic Althea officinalis (Marshmallow) Root


Colloidal Oatmeal: This is an all-natural, micro-fine powder derived from the fine milling of the whole, dehulled oat kernels. Used for centuries for various skin conditions, colloidal oatmeal holds impressive cleansing, barrier, moisturising, soothing and anti-itch properties.

The term 'colloidal' refers to its ability to become suspended and continuously distributed throughout the bath water - rather than just all sinking down to the bottom. These particles can then settle evenly onto the skin, where they work their magic.

Chamomile: The flowers contain amazing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This addition helps to soothe any irritation whilst aiding the healing of any broken skin.

Marshmallow: This is a soothing herb with demulcent properties. So it's great for softening and conditioning the skin.

How to use

Add 1-2 heaped teaspoons (included) into the bathwater and disperse with hand.

For baby bath size, use 1 teaspoon.

Soak baby for 10 min, gently massaging the skin with the oaty water. No need for soap.

*Always take extra care as baby's skin and the bath itself may be slippery.*

Gently pat skin dry.

Suitable for everyday use.

300gmm - provides up to 15 baths.

May also be used for nappy rash, sunburn and eczema.

Refills available. Keep the canister and simply replace the inside bag with another 'refill' purchase of Baby's Oaty Soak. Please note refills come without a full label or spoon.

Pair with

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