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Naturopath's Birth Prep Pack

Naturopath's Birth Prep Pack

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This Naturopath's Birth Prep Pack is chock full of birth prep, herbal medicine goodness! All these products provide a wonderful foundation for preparing the body for birth and optimal postnatal healing. They are used almost routinely with my wonderful doula clients!  

Contains 3 of the popular BodyWise BirthWise herbal tea blends, plus 5-W Pregnancy Capsules, Mama's After Pains Relief and a Naturopath's favourite Tissue Regenex.

Teas and products come with full instructions. Herbal teas are suitable from 36 weeks to postpartum. 5-W and Tissue Regenex begin at 35 weeks, and Postnatal Lift is for after the birth of baby.

If requested and at no extra cost, these may be gift wrapped with a note included and posted to the lucky mama-to-be! Just mention this in the note section when you go through the checkout. 


1 x Birth Ready - Late Pregnancy Herbal Tea (50gm)

This Naturopath formulated herbal blend supports the body as it prepares for labour and birth. It helps build the blood, tone the uterus and reduce postpartum bleeding. Recommended from 36 weeks onwards.

Contains: Alfalfa, Raspberry leaf, Nettle, Motherwort, Squaw Vine, Dandelion leaf, Rosehips and Peppermint


1 x Complete - Postnatal Herb Tea (50gm)

This Naturopath formulated herbal tea is for immediate use after the birth to support a safe and complete 3rd stage of labour.

It helps to support effective contractions to birth the placenta with minimal bleeding, and helps ease afterpains, commonly uncomfortable whilst breastfeeding, in those early days postpartum. Perfect for homebirths and/or a planned natural (physiological) 3rd stage of labour.

Contains: Cinnamon, Cramp Bark, Ladies Mantle, Motherwort, Peppermint, Shepherds Purse, Squaw Vine


1 x Mother Nurture - Postnatal Herbal Tea (100gm)

This Naturopath formulated herbal tea helps to rebuild and nourish the new mama; combating baby blues, exhaustion, low milk supply and fluid retention whilst optimising healing after the birth. This tea is safe to drink whilst breastfeeding. Recommended from Day 1 postpartum.

Contains: Ladies Mantle, Cinnamon, Motherwort, Fennel, Lemon Balm, Dandelion leaf, Nettle, Vervain, Withania. Also with a hint of Organic Lemon Lift (Lemongrass, Lemon myrtle, Lemon peel, Hibiscus, Licorice and Spearmint) for a delicious taste.


1 x Tissue Regenex (60 tabs)

This practitioner-only product has a combination of herbs and nutrients to provide support for tissue healing and normal development of connective tissue (including collagen) and epithelial tissue by supporting blood flow particularly microcirculation. Tissue Regenex may also provide support in reducing swelling, improving capillary filtration and providing antioxidant activity.

Contains: Grape Seed, Gotu Kola, Gingko, plus Vitamin C and Zinc.

Fabulous for birth preparation and/or postnatal healing of damaged tissue!


1 x 5-W Pregnancy Capsules (100 caps)

This herbal combination has been used for over 20 years worldwide with many midwives proclaiming great success from it's potential benefits. 5W is extremely difficult to source within Australia!

It's name is due to its recommendation to be used in the last 5 weeks of pregnancy (i.e 35 weeks). This specific blend of herbs are aimed at preparing the body for labour and birth in various ways.

Contains: Proprietary blend of Black Cohosh, Raspberry Leaf, Squaw Vine, Dong Quai and Butcher’s Broom.

Specific dosage instructions come with 5W. Following the dosage chart, if begun at 35 weeks one bottle of 100 capsules will last up to day one of 40 weeks.


Do not take if breastfeeding; or in the first two trimesters of pregnancy; or if prone to heavy bleeding or if prone to vaso-dilative types of headache (due to the Black Cohosh); or if you suffer from high blood pressure (see advice). If on any medications for any problem at all, please check with your healthcare provider if these herbs are compatible.


1 x Mama's After Pains Relief (50ml) 

This Naturopath formulated herbal tincture contains antispasmodic and relaxant herbs aimed at the smooth muscles of the uterus.

Afterpains (also known as involution) involve the cramping and discomfort of the uterus as it contracts and returns to its pre‐pregnancy size. These afterpains help the uterus become smaller so as to minimise blood loss.

Unfortunately, afterpains are particularly worse for women that have had more than one baby. They also intensify during breastfeeding in those early days postpartum. This is because breastfeeding stimulates oxytocin production and oxytocin helps causes the uterus to contract.

Mama's After Pains Relief can be taken straight after the birth and continued as needed. Pack in your hospital bag or have as part of your postpartum care kit.

Contains: Cramp Bark, Black Cohosh, Motherwort, Skullcap

Suggested dose: 20-40 drops diluted in a little water or juice, 3-5 x day.

Suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

50ml (enough to last up to 1 week, dose dependent)


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