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The Constipation Curse in Pregnancy: 10 tips to tackle it

Pregnancy can bring poo-phoria to a grinding halt. In fact, up to 40% of all pregnant women experience constipation at some point in their pregnancy.  This is more likely in the first and second trimesters. Things may improve a little in the third trimester. But things can get super slow and those poo-phoric evacuations becoming few and far between. Women who are prone to sluggish bowels/constipation before pregnancy unfortunately often experience a worsening of their symptoms. Whilst for those who've never had an issue with digestive regularity, it can come as an uncomfortable surprise. Either way, it can make you feeling...

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Why I Rave About Raspberry Leaf

I don't think I've met a pregnant woman in my circles who hasn't heard of Red Raspberry Leaf (RRL). 20 years ago when I first started practising as a naturopath it was definitely not as popular as it is today. Even Google will give you 19 million results within less than a second! Its botanical name is Rubus idaeus but most refer to it as simply 'raspberry leaf.'  Naturopaths and herbalists will often refer to it as Rubus or abbreviate it to 'RRL'. In the herbal dispensary it's classified as a partus preparator, or partus prep for short. Partus meaning 'labour', preparator meaning 'preparation'....

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