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Postnatal tips — breastmilk supply

Using Herbs to Boost Your Milk Supply

Posted by Kristin Beckedahl - Naturopath, Childbirth Educator, Doula on

I'm often asked two questions by breastfeeding mums who are looking at my products. "Which Mama's Milk product is right for me and do they really work?" So let's break it down. There are 3 Mama's Milk products within the online store: Mama's Milk - Breastfeeding Herbal Tea Mama's Milk - Breastfeeding Herbal Tincture Mama's Milk - Breastfeeding Herbal Capsules They all contain herbs with galactagogue properties i.e. herbs that stimulate the production and/or flow of breastmilk. They also all have herbs within them with digestive calming properties (for baby via the breastmilk).  In case you were wondering, the word galactagogue hails...

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