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Postnatal tips

From Cord Stump to Belly Button: 3 tips for natural care

So, the birth is now over. You've entered the land of lost time known as baby gazing. You stare at the amazing reminder on your baby's tummy of your recent and incredible in utero connection: the cord stump. The once life line. The once power cord between you, placenta and baby. Then the mama brain kicks in: What do I do with it? Does it hurt my baby to move it? Can I get it wet? Can I take that hard, plastic clamp off? How long does it take to fall off? Is that colour normal? The cord stump: At some point...

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The Dreaded After Pains: What really helps

Postpartum is often a beautiful mess. There is a great deal happening in a new mum's body as she transitions from pregnancy to postpartum. A centre piece to this are the changes happening to the amazing uterus. I'm always surprised to learn that many women only truly find out about things such after pains and lochia, when they are literally experiencing them after the birth. Both vaginal birthing and caesareans mamas experience these after birth. If you're keen to take more of a natural approach in managing these, this is for you.  So here's a little run down on what happens...

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Got A Cheesy Baby? Here's how to deal with it

I'll never forget the day I discovered baby cheese on my usually-beautiful-smelling baby 😟I was going in to blow raspberries on her chubby neck when I caught a whiff of something. I then noticed a red and mucky rash within her neck creases.  What I found is what's known as neck cheese, crease cheddar, fold-funk ... you get the picture.Being over 4kg at birth she was adorned with some beautiful rolls. Yet it was these, combined with the typical poor neck control of a newborn, that made her the perfect candidate for baby cheese.What exactly is it?Any skin folds on...

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Using Herbs to Boost Your Milk Supply

I'm often asked two questions by breastfeeding mums who are looking at my products. "Which Mama's Milk product is right for me and do they really work?" So let's break it down. There are 2 Mama's Milk products within the online store: Mama's Milk - Breastfeeding Herbal Tea Mama's Milk - Breastfeeding Herbal Tincture They both contain herbs with galactagogue properties i.e. herbs that stimulate the production and/or flow of breastmilk. They also all have herbs within them with digestive calming properties (for baby via the breastmilk).  In case you were wondering, the word galactagogue hails from the mid 19th century, from...

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Healing The Hot Mess After Birth

It's likely at some point during your pregnancy you'll wonder these 2 things:

       1. How the heck will my baby fit through my vagina?
       2. What damage will be done to me in the process?

These concerns are so normal. In fact, tearing during childbirth is one of the top fears for most pregnant women (next to pooing in labour).

As a doula I've seen all sorts. 10 pound babies leaving no trace, 7 pound babies with a 2nd degree tear, 8 pound babies being born after an episiotomy and 9 pound babies leaving a labial graze only. And everything in between.

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