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Labour & Birth Tips — perineum

Pondering the Peri - What helps before and during birth?

Posted by Kristin Beckedahl - Naturopath, Childbirth Educator, Doula on

I'm a big believer in the body's ability to birth babies. As a doula, I've attended births of 10 pounders that leave no trace. I birthed my 9+ pounds baby complete with a nuchal hand, after a 1.5 hour with an intact peri. But I've also seen mums of 7 pounders experience a 2nd degree tear with ongoing postnatal dramas, unfortunately. And all sorts in between. Most pregnant, first time mums I work with share their fears around tears, episiotomy and stitches after birth. They also have concerns around how things will heal and if this will go on to...

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