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Labour & Birth Tips

Pondering the Peri - What helps before and during birth?

I'm a big believer in the body's ability to birth babies. As a doula, I've attended births of 10 pounders that leave no trace. I birthed my 9+ pounds baby complete with a nuchal hand, after a 1.5 hour with an intact peri. But I've also seen mums of 7 pounders experience a 2nd degree tear with ongoing postnatal dramas, unfortunately. And all sorts in between. Most pregnant, first time mums I work with share their fears around tears, episiotomy and stitches after birth. They also have concerns around how things will heal and if this will go on to...

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Your Baby at Birth: 10 features that are normal

As a doula for years I've seen lots of variations around birth and babies.  I will never forget one dad's face when he saw the coned shape of his baby's head straight after birth. I could see he hadn't expected it to look like that. So I gently reassured him that it was all normal and that it would reshape naturally over the next day or so. He was relieved. On the telly babies come out looking rather clean, pink and often the size of a one month old. So for those that haven't seen many real babies at birth, here's a little...

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Eating and Drinking in Labour - Why, When, What

Food and fluids can make ALL the difference to a woman's labour. It affects labour's progress, a woman's stamina (mental & physical) and her need for interventions. Here are my doula tips for why you need to do eat & drink, when and what to eat and drink, how to get electrolytes & minerals for the uterus and how your partner can help.

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