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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check these FAQs. If you still need help start a live chat (pop up box) or get in touch via Contact page.

Postage delays:

So far in 2021, the postage situation has been close to normal.

In the event of a localised lockdown that may occur anywhere in Australia and with very little notice, some postage delays are to be expected at this time.

Regardless of this, most orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. What happens after that is out of the control of the BodyWise BirthWise Store and lies with the services of Australia Post.

Please consider choosing Express Post if time is not on your side and/or you're in the eastern states.

Please note all orders are shipped from Perth, WA.


In March 2020 I completed my Infection Control Training - COVID 19 put forward by the Australian Government Department of Health. 

I also have my National Food Safety Practices Certificate (HLTFS207B).

Please be reassured that the relevant food safety and hygiene practises are in place within all production practices. 

Gloves are always worn when making products. Be it teas, external balms, herbal bath products or sprays. Masks will now also be worn when formulating products.

All surfaces and tools are disinfected with hospital grade solutions before and after use.

Updated 22/04/20. 

No, this is an online store only. 

Go here all the details about Shipping.

Go here for Returns & Refunds Policy.

Yes. On the Cart page, you'll see a space where you can leave specific instructions about your order. You can mention this here.

Invoices are never included with orders.

You may pay via PayPal, credit card or After Pay. 

All transactions are secure and encrypted and credit card information is never stored.

The BodyWise BirthWise Store is a proud partner of Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA).  

BKFA works with Australian and global partners to pack and supply Clean Birth Kits to pregnant women living in rural communities and low-resource settings around the world.

To date, 2.4 million Clean Birth Kits have been distributed to women in need. With the aid of accredited field partners in 20 countries these Kits are given to expectant mothers through community outreach programs, supplied to health facilities for use by doctors, midwives and nurses or distributed to traditional birthing attendants.

Most of the women the BKFA assists are for reasons of isolation, cultural choice, poor transport means or have little or no assistance during childbirth. By providing a clean birthing kit these mothers will have the resources to reduce infection and deaths.

The Clean Birth Kit addresses the 7 cleans needed for a safe childbirth. The kits are basic with 6 items; a plastic sheet, soap, 2 gloves, sterile scalpel blade, 3 cords and 5 gauze squares.

Donations that are made via the Checkout page are collected and paid as a lump sum to Kit International once a year.

You can read more about the Clean Birth Kits here.

The BodyWise BirthWise Store's herbal tea blends, herbal capsule blends, tinctures, balms, sprays, salves and bath products have been formulated by Naturopath, Childbirth Educator and Doula of 20 years, Kristin Beckedahl. Read more about Kristin here.

When stored correctly (in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight) the herbal tea packs will last approximately 18 months. Keep the pack resealed when not in use.

Your herbal tea should smell vibrant and potent when you put your nose just inside the packet! Each packet comes with a batch number and best before date.

Most other BodyWise BirthWise handmade products have a shelf-life of 12-18 months.

Some of the herbal tea blends are quite dense due to their seed, root and/or bark ingredients. Whilst others that are predominantly aerial parts of the herb (eg. leaves, flowers and/or stems) are much lighter. This will affect how much you'll need to serve.

The general recommendation is to use a 'very good pinch' of herbs (about 1-2 teaspoons) per cup. This typically equates to 2-3 grams.

For the lighter blends as mentioned above, it's recommended you use the higher end of 2 teaspoons per serve. For the denser blends, you'd naturally use the 1 teaspoon recommendation.

So given this, on average 50gm would make about 15-20 cups, 100gm would make about 30-40 cups, 200gms would make about 70 cups. 

To receive the full benefits of these medicinal herbs, it's best you drink the recommended amount suggested on each product label. This is always included on the back label of the packet. For some blends it's an incremental dosing as your pregnancy progresses (e.g Raspberry Leaf tea) whilst others is a generalised dosing of 3-5 cups per day.

So as a rough guide, used at the recommended dosage 50gms would last approximately about 2 weeks, 100gm would last approximately 1 month, 200gms would last approximately 2 months.

The time you steep your tea matters. The longer it is steeped, the more therapeutic benefits of the herbs are extracted.

The recommended amount of steeping time is included on the back label of the packet.

Herbal tea blends with seeds, roots and/or bark ingredients tend to need a longer steeping time to fully extract the medicinal value.

Those teas that are primarily aerial parts of the plant (leaves, stems, flowers) will need less time.

Most teas can be enjoyed warm or cooled, with a little added honey or lemon for taste if preferred. To add warmth to your cup of tea, add a splash of boiling water - please do not microwave.

You can make up a large batch of tea once or twice a day, and sip on this regularly throughout the day.

Chilled tea may be stored in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Discard any remaining tea after this time.

Please note the results do vary, depending on the breastfeeding dynamic and individual circumstances. Most women report noticing a change within 2-3 days.

If drinking the tea I suggest making a day's worth (4-5 cups) in the morning so it can brew over the day for optimal effects. If using the capsules and notice no change, you may increase your dose from 2 capsules twice a day, up to 2 capsules three times a day.

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